Stefani P.

Without any reservations or hesitations, I can highly recommend Brian and Heidi’s capabilities, the quality of their workmanship, their attention to detail, their sincere desire to make sure their clients are happy, their work ethic, and their incredible integrity.  Over the past 10 years they have designed and built almost all of the furniture in our house.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to have stumbled upon them back in 2006.  We’ve had an easy and creative business relationship, along with a personal one that has developed over time.  I am once again working with them, this time on creating an addition to the front of our house that will entail them redesigning existing space along with designing and adding new space, so we can create a walk-in closet, laundry room, and a new and enlarged open kitchen/dining room.  And of course, all of the furniture and cabinetry to go with it.  At the end of the project I believe our house will be more like 99% La Bella Cosa instead of 85, but at the same time, very much Stefani and Tom (my husband).