A New Life for Old Furniture

We recently revamped a family room for one of our favorite clients. We changed the color scheme from boring beige to beautiful tones of blue and gray. We made a new sofa and a coffee table, but there were a couple of pieces that we were able to reuse by simply reupholstering them. There was an occasional chair that had a nice design, but it was looking a bit tired. We reupholstered it and added a piping detail to draw attention to its lines. We also made an identical copy of it so we could have a matching pair to flank the new sofa. It was very nice to be able to give new life to a quality piece of furniture. So often today people have a very temporary mentality when it comes to furniture. Quality is sacrificed for an inexpensive price tag. They figure they will use something for a little while and then get rid of it and replace it with something else. Instead of wasting money on something that is not made well, it is actually more cost effective (and environmentally responsible) to invest in quality furniture that will last for years and years.

At La Bella Cosa we believe in longevity and quality.