Tips for Choosing Home Accessories

Build your home around unique-to-you home accessories.  

Your home is your castle, where you can enjoy the days as you please. It must speak out your style and personality, and your choice, of course! Perhaps you are looking to finally put the finishing touches on your new home, or you want a room refresh, but cannot deal with the upheaval that comes with redecorating, choosing a few good home accessories may be all you need to make a change. 

Pick a Theme 

For a new decorating look, you have to choose a theme. It is vital to sketch out plans first, or else mismatching may occur without intention. For a new look, try adding contemporary accessories. These products may be neutral in color or a subtle shade to create a sense of style and calm. For an energized and eclectic look, try brightly colored paintings and pieces of furniture.  

Mix up the Texture
Accessories are not all about the colors – they are also about the textures. Whether you want to make your place look small or large, traditional or contemporary, choosing the perfect texture is important. A mix of textures helps to add more dimension to your place. Aim to contrast texture with wall color to tie everything in neatly without blending in!  

Add Statement Pieces 

Custom furniture is exactly that – custom. You can choose to add drawers, a built-in bookcase, custom size a table, whatever you need to optimize your space. Bespoke furniture compliments your unique room by being one of a kind. Custom-made furniture is no longer considered a luxury. You get to mix and match your own preferences, creating an endless variety of options. 

At La Bella Cosa, we are dedicated to providing every client with custom pieces that suit their exact specifications. From bookcases, tables, chairs, and more, homeowners get to enjoy their home and furniture piece for many years to come. Visit us today in Culver City, California or call us to get started on your custom furniture piece.