Rachel S.

We have had the good fortune to work with Brian and Heidi Adler on a number of occasions.  We bought a condominium in Deer Valley, Utah.  Brian and Heidi designed and built (in collaboration with me) all of the furniture in the condo, literally all of it.  It should be noted that they produced all of the furniture for the condo in six weeks, got it packed and loaded on a moving truck and had it in place on the exact date I requested.  A year later, we finished building a vacation home in Santa Barbara.  Again, I went to Brian and Heidi.  Working together we designed most of the furniture for this home.  At our primary residence they have built beds, they have matched existing furniture with complex finishes (adding a nightstand to a bed and bookshelf set, adding a bed to a room filled with built-ins).  We recently re-did our master bedroom.  They built all of the new furniture (bed, bench, chair, nightstands).  I love working with Brian and Heidi.  They are smart, efficient, and have a great sense of design.  They listen to my needs and help me transform my vision into actual furniture.  I cannot recommend them more highly.