Custom Storage Solutions for Built-In Fixtures





We are all pressed for storage space.  Even my friends and clients with large homes and multiple walk in closets complain that they need more storage space.  While working with clients, we are often faced with how best to turn a space that is not efficient into one that maximizes their storage needs, as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing addition to their home.  Recently we helped one of our clients turn her laundry room into a much more efficient space.  She removed her washer and dryer from below the counter and stacked them in what was the broom closet.  This left the area above and below the counter top open for us to add storage.  She told us exactly how she wanted the drawers made- 2 super deep ones on the bottom, 1 extra-long one in the middle for wrapping paper (we made it look like 2 for symmetry with the other drawers), and 2 junk drawers along the top.  She wanted a cabinet with shelves behind doors above the counter.  We matched the style of the drawer and door faces to her existing kitchen for cohesiveness.  She put lighting under the cabinet to assist her in spotting stains while doing laundry.  We even snuck a little extra deep cabinet above the washer and dryer closet.  Mission accomplished!

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