How to Properly Clean Upholstery

You may look at your furniture and wonder, “How am I supposed to clean that?” We’ve got you covered with these tips!

Upholstery is a part of nearly everyone’s lives, yet very few people know how to properly clean it. Fabric can make any room into a great room but with constant use and accidental spills, it can get quite dirty. And when it becomes dirty, the effect it has on rooms is not the same as when it was fresh and clean. It will inevitably become dirty as time goes on so it’s important to know the proper procedure when it comes to cleaning your upholstery. Here is what you need to know about upholstery cleaning!

Types of Cleaners

Under your couch or cushion you should find a letter code (W, S, SW, X) that will tell you what cleaner to use.

W: Water-based cleaning agents or foam can be used. Only used distilled water as tap water contains certain minerals which could cause fading.

S: Solvent-based cleaning agents should be used. They are water-free cleaning solvents. Water should not be used under any circumstance.

SW: Water and solvent based cleaners should be used. Things like foam or mild water-free cleaning solvents.

X: Professional cleaning required. It should only be cleaned via a vacuum or a light brush to remove the dirt. In this instance, it’s recommended that you use a professional cleaning service.

Cleaning Process

Upholstery fabric is commonly made from synthetic fibers like nylon, acrylic, and polyester. We were brought up with the idea that synthetic fibers were “bad” or “cheap,” but now these materials are so well made and great at repelling stains that they are our best line of defense against the wear and tear of everyday life.

Keep in mind to do your best in not spilling any cleaning agents onto wood or metal. These parts can rust, change colors, get damaged, and corrode if they come into contact with water or another cleaning agent.

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