How to Find Wood Rot Before It Destroys Your Home

Rotting wood is like a virus that can spread to all corners of your house and leave it uninhabitable.

Rotting wood is caused by the earth’s decomposers like bacteria and fungi that eat away at it until they have digested all of the natural fibers. Occasionally, our houses scream for attention when they need repairs, but sometimes certain damages go by unnoticed, and can wreak havoc on your home. Rotting wood is a quiet killer that silently destroys you home. Do you know how to find wood rot before it destroys your humble abode?

Causes of Rotten Wood

Understanding wood rot is the first step in detecting it. As previously stated, bacteria and fungi eat away at the wood, but what are the conditions necessary to inhibit their growth? Lingering moisture in wood causes the fibers to deteriorate and allow for the growth of these organisms. Think about where water and moisture are most likely to collect in your house and be sure to allow for proper ventilation.

Finding Rotten Wood

You’ll need your wits, a screwdriver, and a flashlight. One thing you should keep in mind is that wood should never be soft when you press on it. This is a sign of rot. As you check your house for these areas, keep in mind that most rot is well-hidden, for instance, behind cracked paint or underneath siding.

Places to Check for Rotting Wood

Window frames, exterior doors, roofs, decks, and interior spaces that have things like washing machines, toilets, sinks, and showers are all areas where rot has been known to form. Properly maintaining your house is the best way to prevent wood rot.  If you are worried about the possibility of wood rot under your house there are inspectors that can get under there and let you know what is going on before it is too late.

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