Your Guide to Kitchen Worktops

Design your ideal space with this guide to kitchen worktops.

When designing your dream bespoke kitchen, the choice of worktop material is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. It’s a central feature that can tie a whole room together or let the whole house down. The kitchen’s worktop is one that should see you through plenty of years of food preparation. To make it harder for you, there are many options to choose from, which is why we’ve compiled a handy guide to kitchen worktops.


For many people, the most luxurious worktops are made of 100 percent natural stone, carved, and polished from huge blocks to create the shape needed for the exact measurements of the home. The stone itself is often granite or quartz, polished to perfection so that there is a smooth surface. Stone is great when it comes to heat resistance, and is durable for many years.


For a solid and environmentally-friendly finish to your kitchen, wooden worktops could be an excellent choice! Wooden work surfaces are ideal for cottages and traditional homes, offering a gentler contrast to cabinets than stone. A huge advantage to wood surfaces is that they can be made into handy mobile butcher blocks, and come in a wide variety of colors and grains. Bear in mind that these worktops will need care and attention to maintain their high-quality finish, though!


In the recent years, resin or polymer worktops have been making a comeback. They were once favored for their affordable prices, but manufacturers are now experimenting with innovative combinations of plastics and natural materials, such as quartz and marble. These worktops look and feel like stone, but are more resistant to knocks and are significantly lighter.

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