Kid’s Dressers

Under a window, in between two doors, next to the bed- where do you have space for a dresser?  We will customize this storage staple to get the most out of your space.

Two Tone 7 Drawer

Two Tone 6 Drawer with Tapered Base

Traditional 7 Drawer with Turned Foot

Scallop Bottom 7 Drawer

Modern 8 Drawer

9 Drawer with Tapered Foot

4 Drawer with Bracket Detail

kids drawer culver city la bella cosa

Two Tone 6 Drawer

Traditional 6 Drawer Stained

Traditional 6 Drawer Blue

Traditional 5 Drawer Stained

Traditional 5 Drawer Blue

Scallop Bottom 7 Drawer with Hutch Top

Modern 5 Drawer with Straight Foot

9 Drawer Bracket Detail

5 Drawer with Walnut Base

kids walnut drawer culver city la bella cosa